Credit & Debit Cards

Checkout on direct deliverable items / Immediate checkout over this plattform

The most common way to pay is via credit card transaction, PayPal, or immediate bank transfer. These payment methods are offered as our standard checkout process.

Flexible Payment Plans

We also offer flexible payment plans for anyone who may not be able to fully pay for their items/ projects upon completion. Whether this is through monthly installments or post-dated cheques, it’s our goal to find the unique solution for every customer. If you have any questions regarding payment methods please don’t hesitate to ask! We’ll do everything we can to make things convenient for you.

We offer individual finance and leasing solutions for professional business such as hotels, bars, restaurants.

Cash Payment

Oh Yes! You see right, we do accept cash payment.  We still believe in cash. We prefer EURO, US-DOLLAR, GREAT BRITTAIN POUND other Currency on request.

In order to pay cash, you shall get in touch with us.

Crypto Currency

We accept about 50 Crypto Crrencies, some are already integrated in our checkout process others need to be handled different. If you like to pay via any Crypto Currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash you shall get in touch with us to figure out how to pay.

We want to inform you that, not all offered payment solutions are available for all products or all countries.  It depends on many factors, such as individual agreements with our partners, the current location of the items, whether its one item or more, whether its a custom design order and many conditions more. But we are here to assist.