Hand engraved designs and more

The Art & Craft by Carsten Estermann

My name is Carsten Estermann and since the beginning of 2012 I mainly engrave classic cars and mopeds. From the spontaneous idea to decorate the 1972 beetle of a buddy became serious and some time later I laughed at an engraved sugar skull from the tailgate. Material, tools and details are familiar to me from my time as a dental technician. Passion and crafts were finally connected!

Sign painting, typography, skateboard designs and tattoos inspire me as much as hot rods, low riders, classic mopeds and old Volkswagens. If then the patina is right

Each one of my hand-made engravings is unique, no matter if it is the motive specially designed for you or the exact conversion of logo and writing.

As if they had always been a part of the underground, I like the most with an engraving with rust film – of course sealed afterwards.

The fine art of Carsten Estermann

Handcrafted engravings-

Special commissions for Harley Davidson Enthusiasts

Showroom Items & Services featuring Carsten Estermann



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