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CAT BLANCHE artspace, founded by Catharina Banach is a nomadic art gallery and a creative agency specializing in art advisory, artist´s management & promotion, sale and interactive art direction for cultural projects.

Looking for “”diamonds”” in unlikely places, seeking out the most creative personalities and innovative art- and design works by an extensive research from galleries, institutions, art foundations, fairs and artists’ studios around the world, we have established a wide portfolio with a blend of both emerging and established artists to provide an independent advice on the development of modern, contemporary art collections for any budget.

We help clients navigate the international art markets, provide strategic advice to buyers and sellers – as well in terms of investment, as interior design.

Art gives spaces soul, spirit and charisma. We are pleased to support you to create an ambience full of inspiration and visual delight.

We are where you are: online, and in your home. Feel free to demand your favorite artwork to be shipped directly to your residence.

Culture defines who we are. With art acting as encoder, initiator, a statement reflecting values, with its higher purpose to inspire and connect people.


Art collecting is cultural creation.

With our corporate and institutional services, art Pop Ups, special events, exhibitions and art installations in public space – we support your company to create an image of a vital importance. Art gives your business personality. Thus: supporting arts you set a valuable contribution which goes far beyond mere decoration – a sustainable benefit to your corporate culture, your company, and the society as a whole.

Editions, special realizations and projects on demand are our favorite challenge. We are always looking for cultural strategies for a dialogue between art and other markets in order to profile valuable spaces of ethics and aesthetics as well as opportunities for creativity enhancement and inspiration for cultural growth.

By assessing each client’s needs on an individual basis, we tailor our services in order to suit your requirements confidentiality and with highest discretion.

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Catharina Banach

CAT BLANCHE is an online art gallery and a creative agency specializing in art advisory, artist management, sale and interactive art direction for cultural projects.

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