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Art Düsseldorf 2017

Impressions from 2017 Art Fair Düsseldorf

foto: Sebastian Drüen


foto: Sebastian Drüen


foto: Sebastian Drüen


The location
By selecting Duesseldorf’s Areal Böhler as the venue of Art Düsseldorf, the fair has positioned itself very well in an ambience different from traditional trade fairs.

The show itself
For the first big Art Fair in Düsseldorf it was an impressive range of regional and international artists and galleries. But in the end, it was just an art fair like many others. Showcasing mainly wall-art. You could see and buy the whole range of art, from total crap to real artistic works, from 3.000 to “better dont talk about”.

What I missed
I missed real street art (OK I know street art doesnt belong into an art fair, but you can photograph it) I missed any of the traditional skilled art such as landscape or portraits. I missed real innovations and grandmasters of art such as photorealistic art. I missed erotic art, nudity, pornography or sensual art in any way.  I missed works of pure deliberate provocation and works with political statement and critical of society. I missed titles, there were so many works called Untitled. Untitled works means for me, that the artist doesnt connect with his work. There is no emotional bound between the work and the artist. It is respectless and showcase an attitude of ignorance and insensebility to his present as an artist and his work.

What I found:

Galleries / Artists

313 ART PROJECT- Seoul
Piero Atchugarry Gallery – Garzón
Albert Baronian – Brussels
Galerie Bastian – Berlin
Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art – Düsseldorf
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard – Copenhagen
Galerie Boisserée – Cologne
CANADA – New York
carlier | gebauer – Berlin
Century Pictures – Brooklyn
ChertLüdde – Berlin
Cortesi Gallery – London, Milan, Lugano
COSAR HMT – Düsseldorf
Croy Nielsen – Vienna
DIE GALERIE – Frankfurt/ Main
DREI – Cologne
Dvir Gallery – Brussels, Tel Aviv
Daniel Faria Gallery – Toronto
Galeria Francisco Fino – Lisbon
Green On Red Gallery – Dublin
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art – Lisbon
Haas – Zurich
Lucas Hirsch – Düsseldorf
Galerie Heinz Holtmann – Cologne
rodolphe janssen – Brussels
Karma – New York
Galerie Peter Kilchmann – Zurich
Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen – Mainz, Venice
Koenig & Clinton – Brooklyn
KOW – Berlin
Tim Van Laere Gallery – Antwerp
Galerie Christian Lethert – Cologne
alexander levy – Berlin
LEVY – Hamburg
Liang Gallery – Taipei
Galerie Löhrl – Mönchengladbach
Linn Lühn – Düsseldorf
Markus Lüttgen – Cologne
Edouard Malingue Gallery – Hong Kong, Shanghai
Galerie Ron Mandos Amsterdam – Amsterdam
Marlborough Contemporary – New York
Galerie Hans Mayer – Düsseldorf
Galerie Max Mayer – Düsseldorf
Meessen De Clercq – Brussels
kamel mennour – Paris
Misako & Rosen – Tokyo
Montrasio Arte – Monza
Galerie Neu – Berlin
Carolina Nitsch – New York
OV Project – Brussels
Polansky Gallery – Prague
PSM Gallery – Berlin
Thomas Rehbein Galerie – Cologne
Petra Rinck Galerie – Düsseldorf
Galerie Brigitte Schenk – Cologne
Galerie Anke Schmidt – Cologne
SCHÖNEWALD – Düsseldorf
Sies + Höke – Düsseldorf
Galerie Gregor Staiger – Zurich
Galerie Bene Taschen – Cologne
Galerie Daniel Templon – Paris
Galerie Utermann – Dortmund
Van Doren Waxter – New York
VAN HORN – Düsseldorf
Sofie Van de Velde – Antwerp
Axel Vervoordt Gallery – Antwerp
Michael Werner Kunsthandel – Cologne, Märkisch Wilmersdorf, New York
Galerie Thomas Zander – Cologne
Zilberman Gallery – Istanbul, Berlin
David Zwirner – London, New York

Impressions from 2017 Düsseldorf Art Fair

Due to the nature of the show and its content, we do not supply detail pictures or portraits of exhibited works.

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